What Size Wood Burning Stove Can I Have?

Our Wood Burning Stove kW Calculator Will Let You Know!

How To Use This Calculator

  1. Put in your room dimensions – FYI a standard room is 2.4m tall
  2. Enter your insulation level. Use your judgement, but here’s a break down of what the levels generally mean:
    • Poor = Homes built before 1980 or spaces with multiple draughts and little insulation
    • Average = A home built in the 1990s with double glazing windows
    • Good = New, airtight homes built after 2008 (New regs were brought in then)
  3. See your result and get choosing your burner!

While this calculator is only a guide, it will give you an indicative guide to the size of burner you will require for your space.

We recommend that you do not purchase a burner before speaking with one of our experienced Wood Burning Stove installers as there are other factors to take into consideration, such as air flow, ventilation, and distance from combustible materials.

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